Secrets To Building Customer Loyalty


Not everyone is your customerEveryone is not your buyer. There may be a mass amount of people that purchase your product, but that’s not everyone. Dig deep and research your audience. Find the answers to these questions: What are their spending habits? Values? Concerns? Needs? How does your product/service fit into their life?

By answering these direct questions you will begin to win over your key customer. The closer the focus, the more connected your customers and prospects will feel with your brand. You want them to think that you designed the brand specifically for them. Read more »

Five Benefits of Personal Branding


5 benefits of personal brandingPut that iron down, partner! When I’m talking about personal branding, I’m talking about honing your considerable skills, narrowing your focus, and getting clear on what you’re passionate about.

Make no mistake about it: branding is not just about you being better than your competition. It’s about getting your prospects to choose you as the ONLY solution to their problem.

Here are five great benefits of creating a strong personal brand:
Read more »

Is Your Business Breaking The Second Law of Thermodynamics?


This can be a business killer!

A couple years ago, I posed this question to a gaggle of small business owners:  “When it comes to marketing and promoting your business, what are the biggest problems and/or frustrations that you face?” I was pretty shocked at all the fear and loathing directed toward the necessary task of marketing.

Here are some of the surprising responses I got: Read more »

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