5 Reasons Your Logo Is More Important than Ever.

Your logo has a lot to say about your business.

Your logo has a lot to say about your business.

A lot of the marketing material we develop here at Mojo Headquarters centers on building a solid brand identity for our clients -clients who come in all sizes, shapes and flavors.

Today’s highly competitive industries, global markets and visually-oriented consumers have catapulted the logo to prominence. So today, your logo is one of the most critical components of your brand, and here’s why:

1. Your logo appears (or it should) on all of your marketing and sales tools, from your business cards to your website. As a result, your logo design influences the design of all those materials, for better or worse. A professional-looking logo can be leveraged to create professional-looking materials. A poorly designed logo cannot. In other words, you need a “brandable” logo – one that you can make use of when designing other materials to brand your company.

“Brandable” logos are scalable. They can be used on big objects like vehicles or buildings as signage, or on something as small as a lapel pin. They’re also memorable and meaningful.

Think of the logos of some popular brands today. Perhaps M-shaped arches, a shell, and a swoosh come to mind. All are simple concepts, effectively employed by McDonalds, Shell and Nike. If you can’t look at a logo for less than 10 seconds and re-draw it with decent accuracy, it’s probably too complex to be easily remembered. If people can’t remember what your logo looks like, they won’t remember your brand.

2. Perhaps you’ve heard the writer’s lament that “nobody reads anymore.” It’s pretty true, actually. In today’s markets, not only do you face ever-increasing competition, you also face an audience accustomed to visually stimulating media, convenience, and instant gratification. Sure, a few people may read all of your ad, more may read parts of it -but everyone will, at least, see it.

The overwhelming amount of choices faced by time-crunched consumers forces them to identify shortcuts. Your logo is such a shortcut: it instantly conveys your brand message and emotional appeal.

3. Awareness and familiarity are keys to growing your business, and your logo is instrumental in both areas. Your logo is your brand’s most basic graphic element. It ties together all of your sales materials -in fact, your logo may be the only visual element that your materials have in common. The right logo helps solidify the loyalty of your customers while differentiating you from the competition.

4. Your logo may be the only thing by which a potential customer can judge your business. Think of small newspaper or Yellow Pages ads. Often, all that fits is your contact information and logo. If your logo projects the right image, it may be the sole reason someone decides to try your company. Conversely, if it looks unprofessional or unclear, it alone may be the reason they choose your competition.

(I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to buy wine and, based solely on how cool the label was, brought a new bottle or two home to try.)

5. Finally, your logo affords a unique opportunity for you to look like a more established business than you are. With the right logo, you can look larger than life even if you’re the only employee and you started in business yesterday. People will associate the positive attributes of well-established companies -such as security and professionalism -with your company.

There are some good and inexpensive logo-designing services abound online. I have used www.LogoYes.com several times in the past and as a non-designer, really appreciate their idiot-proof java-based do-it-yourself logo service, which starts at $69.  You might also check out www.gotlogos.com.

For some inspiration, check out these very sweet logos at Smashing magazine.

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  1. Philip Hinkle on 04/04/2009 at 10:07 am

    This is something I have been preaching for a long time. I don’t think a logo can get much better than the simple one we use. I think it’s amazing and it is something my developer, George Loch, came up with on the fly. Here’s a link to it.


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